Posted by: John Gerneth | February 6, 2011

My Average Day

I decided for this blog post I’ll walk you through a day in the life of an intern living in Tahoe City, CA.  I wake up at about 8 am, take a shower and get ready for work, and walk to the bus stop.  The bus picks me up at Sunnyside Restaurant at 9:19 am.  Its about a 15 minute ride into Tahoe City, and the place I work is at the far end of town.  I get off at the Lighthouse Shopping Center and am usually walking into work at about 9:40.  Usually at work I am working at my desk on the computer, updating AutoCAD files or SketchUp models.  Occasionally I get to leave the office and go to a job site, for instance Jason, the engineer, and I went to a house last week to do some as builts, where we basically measure every wall, window, and door in a house and take pictures, then come back to the office and draft it up.  These are for new remodel projects that Sandbox is going to do.  I take my lunch break around 12 or 1 pm and either eat the lunch I brought with me outside or go somewhere to grab something.  All of the places in Tahoe City have excellent food, I recommend the cheesesteak from Rosie’s cafe or the french onion soup from Fat Cat Cafe, along with anything from Syd’s Bagelry.  After my one hour lunch break I go back to the office and finish up whatever it is I was working on that day.  I leave work at around 5:10 pm and walk back down to the bus stop, it picks me up at 5:30 from the other end of the town.  After the bus ride I get home around 6 and make some dinner, then watch TV or read or play computer games.  I usually don’t go out on the weekdays but on the weekends I like to.  Last night my two friends and I drove out to Reno, its pretty awesome its like a miniature Las Vegas, all the buildings are lit up with neon lights.  I went to the Peppermill casino and put some bets down on the Super Bowl, we ate at a fantastic all you can eat sushi bar, and saw the movie Sanctum.  It was good, a lot of people die and drown though but it’s really intense and the storyline is pretty cool.  I took some pictures of my walk to the bus stop and through town, check them out below.

my house.  i live on the right side and my landlord lives on the left.  she has a snow removal service where any time it snows a bulldozer comes and pushes the snow into that big pile.

the bear proof trash street, chinquapin lane.

highway 89, the road to tahoe city.  the bus stop i get off in town.  a cool tree.

trees after a light snow last night.  walking up the street in tahoe city.

heritage plaza, a little scenic park to sit at and look at the lake.  too bad the benches are covered in snow.

walking down the side of the street next to the lake.

more from the same side, a foggy day on the lake.



  1. Hello my brilliant nephew and godson.your pics are really beautiful it must be that new camera your dad got you.only kidding.what a difference from hawaii,is that how you spell it anyway tahoe city and its surroundings look so really glad your doing stuff you some pics of the projects your building i would love to see them.

    • whats up uncle dave. nice to hear from u. haha yea the camera is great. im not building anything this time but i will put some pictures up of the stuff im working on, mainly computer stuff like floorplans and digital models.

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