Posted by: John Gerneth | January 15, 2011

First Week in Tahoe

Well I’ve been in Tahoe for almost a week now, and I think its the best possible place to be for the winter months.  There has been about 3 or 4 feet of snow on the ground all week, and the weather is either sunny and beautiful or snowy and beautiful.  I guess they are having some uncharacteristically high temperatures right now, its like 20 degrees warmer here than in Cincinnati!  I’d love to take some pictures and put them up here for you guys, but I have to go to the post office to pick up my camera and it won’t be open until Tuesday.

Tahoe City is a really nice little ski town, its pretty much one street with shops and restaurants on either side, and its right next to the lake.  I am working at an architecture firm called The Sandbox Studio.  It is right towards the end of town, a second story office space with excellent views out to the lake.  It’s a small firm and they are all sort of like a tight knit family.  The principal architect, Scott, runs the place with his wife, Maja, who handles the graphic design side of things.  Then there the draftsmen and model makers, Alex, Mylo, and myself.  Jason is the engineer, and Alex’s wife Amber is the receptionist and she works on the graphics side of things as well.  It’s pretty cool to work in a small firm and see how everything fits together, and they have so many projects they are working I don’t know how Scott handles it.  I’ve only worked there for a couple days but I can tell its going to be a great experience and I will learn a lot.

Probably the best thing about Tahoe is the skiing/snowboarding.  There are like 10 different ski resorts that I could possibly go to, one of them called Homewood is like a 5 minute bus ride, and I’ll probably be going there tomorrow.  Squaw Valley is also really close, and its like one of the best places to snowboard in the entire world.  The Winter Olympics were there in the 60s I think.  For you Cincinnati boarders, its like 15 Perfect Norths put together, with one entire side of the mountain filled with terrain parks.  I can’t wait to check it out, I bought a 152 Burton snowboard for the parks and my friend Alex just let me borrow his 161 for the powder days.

Like I said I don’t have my camera yet, but check back next week and there should be some tight pictures to look at.  Also I put some links on the right side of the blog, one of them is my portfolio website, you can check it out if your so inclined.  Pics next week peace.


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