Posted by: John Gerneth | September 3, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

In two days I will be leaving paradise for the smog covered city of Cincinnati, Ohio.  No more being able to see the Milky Way, Venus, or being surrounded by beautiful blue ocean.  I haven’t updated the blog in a couple weeks so I have a lot of pictures this time around.  First we will start with the birthing pools.  Remember a couple posts ago I promised to go back to the birthing pools and take pictures?  Well I have delivered.

Through our travels here we have met some interesting people.  One of them is Matt, a party promoter who throws parties all over the island.  We helped him out with one in order to get in and drink for free.  We spent the next day with him in Lahaina checking out the other side of the island.  We even went to a local boat builder’s workshop and helped him with his next canoe.

The day after that was Snork ‘n Fork, and it turns out we went back to Lahaina.  This beach is at mile marker 14 on the highway to Lahaina, its really beautiful to snorkel in because there is a giant reef with canal-like passages through it, almost like an underwater road.

these are some pictures jim took and I meshed them together (click them and they get bigger)

A couple days ago Tom took us to his friend Bill Kohl’s house.  He is an architect who designed the most expensive restaurant on Maui, among other things.  He showed us around the restaurant and the owner’s house, which he also designed.  Both buildings were incredible, but the owner’s house was absolutely amazing.  The plaster work on the inside was impeccable, smooth white curves all around with heavily varnished wood.  He also took us to an abandoned sugar mill, built in 1876.  All that is left is ruins and graffiti, a very surreal place.  Here are some pictures.

This will be my last blog post from Hawaii, but I’ll probably still randomly put up things from back at school so keep checking it out.  Aloha!



  1. great pics son, i’m glad u got to enjoy this experience . ull have to explain to me how i can download some of these pics to my camera. Have a good flight back . Cya

    • U don’t want them on ur camera u want them on ur computer. Just click them so they get real big them right click and save picture as. Thanks for the comment

  2. pics are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing them with all of us!!! I am so glad you had a chance to experience so many fantastic experiences there!! These memories will stay with you for a lifetime!! Have a safe trip home!! Luv u!!!

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