Posted by: John Gerneth | August 13, 2010

Working Hard but Playing Too

The other day I realized I haven’t put up a new post in about 3 weeks, so I decided I would today.  I’ve been so busy and time has been going so fast it doesn’t seem like its been that long.  Recently Jim and I have completed some models and are now working on remodeling a bath house in between the two dwellings we are staying in.  So far we have poured another concrete slab to make the shower area larger, and we are in the process of building a trellis wall to surround the shower.  After that we are putting a new door in, painting everything, rescreening the windows, and adding a fascia to the roof.  Should be a cool project, its fun to design something and then actually build it instead of wish it would be built.  Jim’s sister and her boyfriend came to visit and we took another trip to Hana with them.  I jumped off of the tallest thing I ever have, about 45 feet.  I was seriously in the air for like 5 seconds.  There is so much to do on Tom’s property he could have architecture interns for years and still not accomplish what he wants to do.  I’ve got 3 more weeks out here, then back to school, but hopefully I’ll be coming back to help him out for another couple months.

thats what i jumped off 🙂



  1. Hey, dont get 2 crazy with jumpin off tall structures ,u need to graduate 1st . Life seems good for u in the land of enchancement. This was a great opportunity u had, soo glad u made the most of it . Take care of urself .


    • ha yea that will be the tallest thing i ever jump off probably. life is good if i come back out you have to come visit and ill show you around the island

      • sounds good , if u go sometime down the road count me in .cya

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