Posted by: John Gerneth | July 23, 2010

Hana Ho! The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

Jim, Jim’s friend Ricky, and I just got back from a place on the eastern coast of Maui called Hana.  It is a little town with a general store in the heart of the jungle right next to the ocean.  Absolutely incredible.  In order to get there from Haiku you have to drive down the Hana Highway, a famed road known for its extreme curves and views of the ocean.  It took about an hour to get there, even though we only went like 30 miles.  Once there we went snorkeling and jet skiing at Hana Bay with our friend Alfredo, some of the best snorkeling I’ve ever seen.  We climbed up on all sorts of rocks and got some great pictures.  After that we went to Red Sand Beach, a little cove like place that you have to walk down a long dirt trail to get to.  More climbing up rocks and jumping off high cliffs.  At Red Sand we jumped off a 15 foot cliff then climbed up this rock wall and jumped backwards from like 30 feet up.  Insane.  After that we went to Koki Beach, the most perfect beach in the world.  The sand was so soft and it stayed at about waist level for like 60 or 70 feet out.  The waves were the perfect size for boogie boarding and they came about one every 5 seconds.  Incredible beach.  That was yesterday, our first day.  We slept at a friends house in Hana and woke up this morning for another day.  Today we went to the Venus Pools, a beautiful tide pool where we jumped off another 30 something foot high rock.  After that we hiked to the bamboo forest, stopping a couple times to swim and jump off things.  At the end of the trail there was a gigantic waterfall, someone said like almost 300 feet.  I was in awe.  After the bamboo forest we packed up our stuff and headed back the Hana Highway for Haiku.  A fabolous two day adventure and break from work, but now its back to model making and designing additions.  Hope you like the pictures.

Ho’okipa Beach

Road to Hana

Hana Bay

Red Sand Beach

Koki Beach

Venus Pools

Bamboo Forest

at the end of the trail, a 400 foot waterfall



  1. the pics are absolutely incredible!!! what a rush to jump from that height into the pools!!! must have been an amazing 2 day trip to experience all that, thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Hey John,

    nice pics, how do u know if there r any rocks in the h2o before u start jumping, hopefully its not a komakazie jump . Whos the chic with the surfboard ?,r u like ur dad just taking random girl pics ? ur getting a nice workout with all that climbing , the whole island is right up ur alley . keep having fun with work & play . later !!!

    • haha most of the spots we jumped off people do it all the time so we know its deep enough..the one at red sand we jumped off a 40 foot cliff into the area of the water called the shark pit then swam as fast as we could back to the beach lol. yea i don’t know those girls at ho’okipa but they looked good so i took some pics of them

  3. hi john awesome pics you must be having the time of your life.have you met any nice babes yet besides the yellow son mat just turned 15 and hes really into making machinimas he posts them on you yube and gets alot of they sent him an email saying that they will make him a financial offer when his latest project is complete.i first have to build him a rudimentry website.hes really dedicated and has a team to help him.anyway have fun.later

    • ha the babes are pretty plentiful down here..thats so cool that matt is doing that, i cant believe he is 15 already. ill check them out on youtube and get him a couple more hits. talk to you later.

  4. i meant tube

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