Posted by: John Gerneth | July 15, 2010

Hooray Pictures

Got the flash drive to work so here are some pictures.  We have been working with the New York Times taking pictures of an astrology group that meets on the roof of a hotel, the Times is doing a story on hotel astrology groups in the travel section apparently, and Tom was asked to take the pictures for it.  So if you see any of these pictures in the New York Times you know who took/edited them.  There are also some random pictures and some of Jim and I making the models.  And some of us messing around on paddleboards.  So as of now we just finished editing these pictures for the Times and tomorrow we are going to try to finish up some of the models, we are making one of Tom’s house, another of the studio, the rest of the Mana House, and another iteration of the addition to the Mana House.  fun fun.

<— money shot, hopefully on cover



  1. the pics are awesome. looks like you are having some awesome experiences, paddleboarding looks like a lot of fun. congrats on the ny times pic opp. they look fantastic. that must have been awesome looking through that telescope at the stars in maui. happy for you
    love, mom

  2. the pics look awesome. so glad you could get the hard drive to work again. congrats on the ny times opp. will pick up 1 on sun. they look really professional, maybe a 2nd career opp for you. looks like you are having some fantastic experiences with the paddleboarding and star gazing with that awesome telescope. soooooooo happy for you. take care.

    • thanks for the comment..not sure if the pics will be in this sundays paper or next sunday but it will be in the travel section. yea im developing a love for photography so maybe I will look into it, I start my new job as a luau photographer tomorrow night so thats exciting. love you talk to you later.

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