Posted by: John Gerneth | July 11, 2010

Models of Additions

Well I’ve been having trouble getting pictures onto my computer because my jump drive stopped working, but I thought I would put another post up without pictures since I haven’t done one in a while.  This past week Jim and I have been making 1/2″-1′ scale models of Tom’s studio and one of the houses on his property.  1/2″-1′ means a foot in real life equals a half inch in the model.  They are looking really cool, and pictures will be uploaded when I can.  We are designing additions for both of the buildings.  The studio is a long rectangular structure with a pitched roof, and we are designing an addition that is a 30′ x 30′ cube on the side of it, almost twice as high as the existing building.  One wall will be entirely small pane windows, and there will be a spiral staircase leading up to the roof with some amazing views of the ocean.  On the Mana House, currently housing Michelle’s (tom’s wife) parents, I designed an addition for their bedroom to match the existing roofline.  It features clerestory windows on the eastern side to get great daylight in the morning.  It is nice to actually be designing for clients instead of myself like I do in school.  They give me a set of parameters and then I try to figure out the most efficient and practical things to do.  Like I said I’ll upload pictures of the models later, they are still a work in progress anyways.  Tomorrow the movie for movie night is a Monty Python flick, so that should be fun.  At Snork n’ Fork, Tom’s weekly snorkeling and lunch group, we went to Black Sand Beach.  It’s not just a clever name, the sand was actually black!  Pictures of that coming soon too.



  1. Sounds like ur having a different kind of summer than most of the real world . Ur sounding & writing like a real entrepaneur in the making . When ur finished with ur schooling u can build me an affordable mansion . Keep well & enjoy what u r doing . Oh, by the way r the suns rays any different feeling ,

    than on the mainland ? Cya,


    • ha i would love to design u a mansion. the sun is definitely hotter here have to wear a lot of sunscreen. talk to u later.

  2. hi john just checking in to see more pics and updates.have fun you lucky guy.later,dave

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