Posted by: John Gerneth | July 4, 2010

Hana Highway Adventure

i just got back from going to a place called the birthing pool.  we hitchhiked from the end of tom’s road to the community center a couple miles down the street, then walked back this extremely long dirt road surrounded by sugar cane.  at the end we came to a clearing and a cliff that dropped down i’d say about 100 feet to the ocean.  we kept walking along the cliff and eventually got to a place where we could climb down.  at the bottom there were these little tide pools and one huge one like 15 feet deep, the birthing pool.  it is called that because there is a hole at the bottom u can swim through and come up into another pool, and in this process you are said to be “reborn.”  it was intense and probably one of the coolest things i have ever seen in my life.  also there were tons of beautiful fish, thank god i brought my snorkeling mask.  the one thing i didnt bring was a camera, but i will definitely go back there with one and put some pics up sometime. last night we went to a bar in the nearby town of paia to see some djs.  i must say hawaiian dubstep is a lot different than what it is on the mainland.  a lot more flowy and rhythmic and not such hard beats, but the people loved it and were dancing like crazy.  check out to hear some of it.  the last couple days jim and i have been completing the inventory of all of tom’s steel sculptural pieces.  we should be done with that in a day or so and then we can start designing the new bathroom.  a couple days ago we drove down the famed Hana Highway and stopped at random places and walked into the jungle.  it was cool the road is really curvy with minimal guardrails and the ocean is on one side and the jungle on the other.  there was a little waterfall, a bamboo forest, and some other places that you can see in the pictures below.  the first couple pictures are the existing outdoor shower and bathroom that we are going to be redesigning.  now i’m going to go drive the giant forklift and move around 2 ton pieces of steel.



  1. The pics all look cool . The island car looks like a boat, better than nothing i guess. How is the bug population in those brush areas ? Vic wishes she was there with u . Have fun good luck with the bathroom . Cya

    • ha the car is amazing you can put the top down and put surfboards in it. the bugs r pretty crazy there is alot of mosquitos. thanks for the comment talk to u later.

  2. hi john how are checking out your blogs and it looks like an amazing trip,i wish i was with you.the pics are great i saved alot of them to show to family members.what could possibly be better than doing what you love on such a beautiful tropical island, by the way i love that tee shirt does that mean you wont be visiting pearl harbour LOL.your dad must be so proud of you i mean you totally have your sh11t together, your bud looks like a good guy going to retire in 23 months when im 55 i cant wait,maybe ill move there.good luck with your projects.peace uncle dave.

    • whats up uncle dave i haven’t talked to you in forever. thanks for checking out my blog it is a really amazing experience. haha yea the t shirt is cool i love those pictures too with the bamboo in the background. i totally recommend moving here when you retire its a great place. keep in touch ill talk to you later.

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