Posted by: John Gerneth | June 29, 2010

Dr. B-mobile

We got a car!  One of Tom’s friends, Barry, was nice enough to give us a car to use while we are here working.  It’s a 1988 Volkswagon Cabriolet, convertible, a nice island car.  Barry has a radio show in which he is called Dr. B, so we decided to name the car the Dr. B-mobile.  Earlier today Jim and I finished all the paperwork at the DMV and mechanic, so it’s legal for us to drive all we need is to be put on Tom’s insurance.  It’s so great because now we can explore much more of the island instead of just the immediate area where Tom goes.  We have started to plan out trips to go hiking and see the huge volcano called Haleakala.  Also we are going to go south down to Hana to check out Red Sand Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the world.  i can’t wait.  As far as work is concerned we finished taking an inventory of the materials around Tom’s property, the next thing we need to do is design and build the outdoor bathroom and kitchen in between the places Jim and I are living.  I moved again out of that hut and into a bigger, cleaner, less cockroach infested building called the Library.  The front half is a gallery and the back half is a little living space with a very comfortable bed in it.  It’s been a good last couple of days, Sunday morning we practiced She-gon, a form of meditative exercise that is used in China.  Tom knows a very good doctor/teacher that comes to his property every Sunday and leads a free group class.  After that we meditated for 2 20 minute sessions.  I have never done that before, it was weird the first session because I couldn’t stop my mind from wandering, but during the second session Gary, the leader of the meditation group, told me to focus on breathing and only thing about breathing, and that helped to clear my mind.  I found it very refreshing.  Last night was my second movie night, and this movie was much better and clearer than the first. It was called “That Obscure Object of Desire,” directed by the same man from the first week, Louis Bunuel.  It was about an older man who is obsessed with a younger woman, and his trial to make her his own.  a very interesting movie, made in 1977, and you could see how it was influential and shaped the future of film making.  other than that we are still going swimming every morning, i’m getting slightly better but still having some trouble.  tom was asked to photograph a poet named ws merwin for the new york times, and it will be in the paper this thursday, which is pretty exciting.  thats about it here are some more pics.


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