Posted by: John Gerneth | June 25, 2010

Project #1 Complete

Song of the week:  Golden Brown by the Stranglers (copy and paste below)

Did you know that these are native to Hawaii?

The man-of-war.   pretty intimidating name and even more intimidating if you see one whilst swimming.  they leave a nasty sting mark, thankfully I haven’t seen one but this girl who swims with us every morning got stung by one and its nasty.  anyyywaayyyyssssss……..

these last couple days Jim and I have been working on building a trellis over a fruit plant called lilikoi.  apparently its one of the best tasting plants in the world, but it has to be stretched out in order to grow fruit.  so we bought some 2x2s, cut a nice little angle into the ends and painted them to match the nearby carport.  then drilled them on top to make the trellis, and finally tied up the plant so that as it continues to grow it will stretch and weave through the trellis, grow fruit, and be happy.  hopefully there is some fruit by the time we leave so i can eat some.  other than that we have been walking around the property taking a lot of pictures, its 17 acres with a huge gulch in the middle of it and its basically a rainforest in there.  o also i moved out of the house i was living in and into a little hut on the corner of the property.  its a 10′ x 10′ room with a bed raised up in a sort of box window type thing and a desk with some shelves.  very cozy.  my bathroom is a separate entity and Tom used some of his sugar mill parts to make it look really cool.  The shower is outside in the back, no walls or floor and the water kind of just blows with the wind.  eventually im going to build some walls and maybe put some cool stones down for a floor.  so we have finished one project, the next one is to take an inventory of all the excess sugar mill parts, glass, and wood around Tom’s property and make little models of them.  That way we can see everything we have and design an outdoor kitchen and bathroom for one of the guest houses.  Should be fun.  Here are some more pictures.  Many more can be found on my facebook page.  The images towards the bottom are of an led frisbee with the shutter speed way down to create that light effect.  At the very bottom are the finished pictures of the trellis.



  1. i see you found that northface pull over! or maybe u never lost it?… anyways everything sounds amazing and looks super cool. i like that your hair has already gotten longer 🙂 are u tan yet? im not which is annoying its so hot here and air conditioning is super expensive so i never want to lay out haha i just finished my 1st project i had to put all of menswear and womenswear color palettes together… o my god it took all week. 150 womens cards each having 87 colors and mens 75 cards with 57 colors. i am most definitely a bitch intern ahah but it keeps me busy and the work day goes by fast… and i get paid!! hows not smoking? do u think you will keep up with it? im smoking i hate that i am cuz they are so expensive. the only thing i dont like is smelling B.O and urine everywhere hahaha but obviously new york needed a maddie d. 🙂

  2. i’ve always had this pullover but i lost the actual jacket. im getting tanner yes, workin on my beach bod lol. that project sounds intense glad to hear u got it done. not smoking is fine because im surrounded by people who dont smoke, so its easy. i get cravings every once in a while but they are subsiding as the days go. im glad to hear new york is fun ill see u on skype.

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