Posted by: John Gerneth | June 23, 2010

Brushfires and Spicy Korean Pork

Yesterday began with another ocean swim, although I chose to run instead.  Not very eventful.  After the beach we had some errands to run.  First stop, Whole Foods Market in Kahului, a crazy store with all different kinds of food.  They make it for you and then you can go outside and eat lunch.  I got a little local man to make me some spicy barbecued pork and rice, very good.  I have to commend the Hawaiians on their cuisine, some of the finest I have had.  After the market we headed to Costco.  I’ve never been in a Costco until then, but imagine a walmart that is triple the size, and all the items come in packs of at least 20.  We got some groceries and things for the “American Grill Out” we were planning to have for dinner.  After Costco came a little store called Savers, basically a Goodwill or Salvation Army type place.  Bought some cheap clothes then proceeded back to Haiku.  While we were in town running errands apparently a brushfire started down one of the main highways, Hana Highway.  The highway was closed and traffic was insane.  We were on the same road, maybe moved about 100 yards, in an hour and a half.  It wasn’t bad though because I was with a good group of people and were taking pictures and dancing in the car making movies with Tom’s camera.  We also got to drive past this huge sugar mill on our detour.  By the time we made it home we had to shower up and get ready for dinner.  Lots of people came over including Jim’s old boss, David, who was quite a character.  We had sausage and corn on the cob and potato salad, a good old fashioned american meal.  After people started leaving we had a little dance party with crazy straw hats on then went to bed.  Not much work got done today, but it was a blast.  Pictures will be coming soon.



  1. how do u start the day with an ocean swim and then run instead?

    miss you bud.
    glad things are going well
    pz wd^

    • Ha because I’m not in good enough shape to swim a mile while breathing through a snorkel yet. R u still thinking about comin out here u can stay in one of the guest houses for real cheap maybe even free.

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