Posted by: John Gerneth | June 22, 2010

Wait….What time is it?

My friend Jim, who is working with me and Tom, and I flew out of Cleveland at 12:30 pm last Sunday.  We arrived in LA at 2:15 pm, hoping to watch the Brazil vs. Ivory Coast World Cup game.  Then we realized the game started at 2:30 Eastern time, which is 11:30 Pacific, bummer.  The time change wasn’t that bad in LA, but when we arrived in Maui at 8 pm and it felt like 2 am, it got a little confusing.  It would have been nice to take a nap on the plane, but apparently there was a toddler learning to walk convention on our plane.  Probably about 5 different families with little kids playing with each other and trying to walk up and down the aisle, when I had the aisle seat.  So sleeping wasn’t going to happen.  We made it to Maui though, my first time in Hawaii.  The first thing to notice is a lot of the buildings are open air, because it never gets cold enough to warrant closed off rooms, you just need to extend the roof out far enough so rain can’t get in.  I love indoor/outdoor spaces so I am excited right away.  Tom, our employer, and Addison, a graphic design student who is also working with Tom this summer, picked us up and drove us down the windy roads to Tom’s 17 acre art estate.  A crazy place which holds Tom’s house and several smaller guest houses, along with a large studio and structural art pieces all over the grounds.  We had some tea and talked for a while, then went to sleep around 4:30 am, which was actually only 10:30.


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