Posted by: John Gerneth | June 22, 2010

First Day

Well I woke up at 6:30 am, couldn’t fall back asleep so I went outside and took some pictures.  Hawaii is a lot better looking in the daytime when it’s not raining.  Jim and I are staying in the Mana House, which also houses Tom’s in-laws on the first floor.  We walked down to Tom’s and he gave me this crazy drink made from blended fruits and nuts.  This was when I realized I would be eating extremely healthy during my stay in Maui.  We walked around his property and saw all the little guest houses, there is this one called the treehouse that is far away from everything and has an epic view, I’d like to stay in that one.  After that Tom said we were going swimming, so I thought, great I haven’t been to the beach in a while this will be fun.  Little did I know that “swimming” meant swimming a mile across the ocean with flippers and a snorkeling mask.  I’m not in shape enough for that quite yet, but I can tell after living here for a while I’ll be able to do that with ease.  After swimming we stopped at the market on the way back to Tom’s.  This was like no grocery store I had ever seen.  Everything is different from the fruits they eat to the condiments they put on things.  I picked out some apricots and granola to eat for breakfast.  After the market we got back to Tom’s and had lunch, the healthiest meal I have ever eaten in my life.  Steamed greens picked from his garden, fish with some spread on top of it, this grainy stuff that is like a mixture between cous cous and oats, and one of Tom’s special soups.  Zucchini, green beans, celery, and parsley.  Boiled in water then blended in a blender.  It sounds gross but after adding some liquid aminos and nutritional yeast flakes it was quite good.  We had some chill time after lunch, then Monday nights Tom has over about 30 of his friends for a pot luck dinner and movie night.  It’s not the type of movie night you would think.  They eat dinner and then watch a movie, a crazy movie mind you that I thought was absolutely ridiculous, then they all sit together for an hour and have a discussion about it.  It was interesting to hear the discussion and put my two cents in, but the movie overall was boring and I didn’t like it.  First day in Maui complete, and now I kind of know what it’s going to be like out here.  Here are some pictures I took.


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